Arthur, IL Custom Gun Cabinet & Gunsafe Fact Sheet

Any custom gun cabinet can be made to order to include shelving, entertainment centers, bookcases, classic office-desk configurations and any secure firearm display configuration. They can be custom made to fit any room size, without limit.

• Gun stocks rest comfortably in premium grade leather inserts with precision tucking, designed to prevent accidental blemishes.

• All GunSafe custom gun cabinet products are constructed from solid hardwood to provide strength and security.

In any of our Amish crafted custom gun cabinets, an impact resistant, clear polycarbonate panel can be added for additional protection. This prevents possible disassembly and removal of guns locked within the case.

• Inset lighting is operated by touch control sensors located on the display case door hinges.

Our secure steel locking bar that protects your firearms in our custom gun cabinets uses a “dimple key,” the same protective device used by the makers of casino gambling machines because it makes locks virtually unpickable.

• Displayed guns are protected by two rectangular bars of hardened steel within wood cladding that feature a removable locking top bar for easy access.

• The base units of our custom gun cabinets features a closed storage area and lockable steel safe door for securely storing ammo, pistols and other valuables

• The standard base also features an adjustable shelf.

Custom gun cabinet bases can now be ordered with the drawer option. These drawers fully extend and feature self-retracting mechanisms that close the drawers with no more than a slight touch. Can be ordered individually in divided compartments, or as two full-width storage cabinet drawers.

• The storage base and display case are separable for shipment, moving and handling.

• Standard dimensions are 34 inches wide for the six-gun model and 42 inches wide for the 12-gun model. Both cabinets are 77 inches high and 21 inches deep.

Red oak is our standard wood of choice. Custom Options include woods such as walnut, mahogany, maple, cherry and birch . Specialty woods such as bird's eye maple, quarter sawn oak and etc are available.

• We offer basically an unlimited selection of stain colors with treatments such as distressing, glazing or other unique finishes. We are able to match your existing colors or you may select from any of our numerous "standards." Color samples will be sent to your for your approval.

Custom Options also include beveled, etched or antique glass.

We can help you design your entire library, living room, den or office for a totally custom installation with the finest quality Amish crafted cabinetry that fits your lifestyle. Custom cabinetry and furniture is our business. We can help develop plans and drawings with your involvement, or easily work from contractor or designer blueprints or drawings.

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