Amish Made Custom Gun Cabinets

We design our Amish made gun cabinets to both look good in your home and provide security for your collection. Solid wood reinforced construction, secure door locks, break resistant or unbreakable glass for viewing, quality Amish hand construction and lockable long gun or pistol rests inside. Why not enjoy your collection while knowing it is protected?

Any unit can be made to fit your particular collection up to and including complete gun vaults and  rooms. We offer unlimited style, wood and design choices to meet your tastes.

Horizontal or vertical long guns, plus pistol and other collectible display in any configuration. Leather or solid wood backs, LED touch lighting, and lockable storage designed for any collector.

Your Amish made custom gun cabinets or pistol display can be crafted to show your complete outdoor collection including collectible arms and knives.  You can have your custom gun cabinet made for security or you can create a piece that will showcase your collection as the highlight of the room.  All of our custom gun cabinet and pistol cases are crafted using solid wood in your choice of styles, dimensions, and colors.  Choose from oak, cherry , hickory, walnut, or maple and pick the style that matches what you currently have or what you want it to be.