Amish Custom Wall Mounted Long Gun Cabinet

We offer a large assortment of custom gun cabinets that can be hung on your wall to display your pistol and rifle collection.  This one we custom made for a customer out of solid Brown Maple and could be customized to hold a wide assortment of gun combinations.  When finished the customer used it to store 3 long guns and 1 pistol. 

While in the store we set it up in several different ways from one rifle and twelve pistols and managed to fit a four full length rifles and squeeze in one pistol as well.  Since it was going to be hung higher up on the wall we installed the LED lighting on the bottom so that the glare wouldn't be too bright when hung above the customers head.

Locally Amish Made Custom Wall Gun Cabinet for Long Gun or Pistols
Front photo of the Brown Maple Wall Mounted Gun Cabinet with premium leather and LED lighting installed.
Custom Gun Cabinet crafted with wall hanging display with rifles in place.
At the customers home with his rifle, shotguns, and pistol on display.
The custom gun cabinet had a flip down lower storage cabinet
The bottom of the custom wall mounted gun cabinet also featured a drop down lockable front for ammunition and cleaner storage.
3/4 Solid hard wood gun cabinet sides for maximum protection.
The custom gun display case featured thick 1/2" solid wood top and sides and laminated glass front to provide etra security for the gun display.