Amish Made 12 Gun Rustic Cherry Gun Cabinet

For this customer we wanted to craft a beautiful custom gun cabinet while keeping it at a minimal height for a lower ceiling.  We ended up having it Amish crafted with a lower base cabinet with lower doors. and no drawers.  This allowed us to include storage in the base, a cleaning shelf, and plenty of room to showcase 12 long guns.

For the wood the customer decided on solid Rustic Cherry.  Rustic Cherry has all the beauty and smooth grain of standard cherry with the added appeal of the addition of distinctive "flaws" including knots, sap boards, and pin holes.

Amish Custom Made Gun Cabinet in Rustic Cherry for Twelve Guns
Rustic Cherry Gun Cabinet with pull out cleaning shelf and locking lower base cabinets.
Side View of the Custom made gun cabinet for 12 rifles or shotguns
Full length detail shot of our custom rustic cherry gun cabinet crafted for 12 long guns.
Solid wood bead board gun cabinet back
This cabinet was also crafted with a bead board gun cabinet back.
Full extension pull out pistol and rifle cleaning shelf.
The pull out cleaning shelf offers ample room for cleaning and disassembly of both pistols and long guns.
Premium leather top on the pull out cleaning and repair shelf.
The gun cabinet cleaning shelf was also lined with premium leather to provide a soft protective surface for customers to work on their handgun, rifle, or shotgun collection.
Full extension drawer glides on the leather top rifle and pistol shelf.
The gun cabinet cleaning shelf was installed with full extesion drawer glides to allow use of the complete surface.
Cylinder lock on the wood clad steel locking bar.
The custom gun cabinet was crafted with a locking steel bar that utilizes a pick proof cylinder lock.
Wood clad steel locking bar peg hole in the gun cabinet.
The other end of the locking steel bar featured a peg system to prevent removal of the bar without using a key. 
Custom gun cabinets with 45 degree viewing angle.
The Gun cabinet was customized with a dual 45 degree angle gun display.
Wood clad steel locking bar with felt back for gun cabinet.
The wood clad locking steel bar rest in front of the barrels preventing the guns from being removed from the barrel rests.
Decorative molding on the upper gun cabinet base.
The base of the upper gun cabinet features decorative molding leading into the lower gun cabinet storage.
Gun Cabinet Solid Wood Raised Panel Sides
This custom gun cabinet also features raised panel sides.
Raised Panel side on the lower custom gun cabinet
The base of the gun cabinet also featured matching raised panel sides.
Gun Cabinet Butt Rests Lined with Premium Leather
Each of the butt rests was lined with premium leather to protect the customers gun collection while adding a bit of flair.
Front view of Gun Cabinet with Cleaning Shelf Extended
The pull out cleaning shelf on the gun cabinet was lined with matching premium leather for gun protections.
Rustic Cherry Gun Cabinet with Cleaning Shelf Extended
Side view of our custom gun cabinet showing upper and lower raised panel sides and the full extension cleaning drawer slides.
45 Degree Gun Cabinet Display with Locking Security Bar
All of the guns were set at a 45 degree angle to allow more of the long gun to be seen while displaying it.
Custom Gun Cabinet with Locking Steel bar and Bead Board Back
Detail shot of our cherry custom gun cabinet with both of the wood clad steel locking bars in place.
Wood Clad Steel Locking Bar with Felt Lining
Close up and fuzzy shot of our wood clad steel locking bar.  The steel is covered with soft felt to prevent scratches or damage to the gun collection.
Barrel Hinges on Amish Custom Gun Cabinet
The upper gun cabinet lift easily of the lower gun cabinet for transport.
Gun Cabinet Deluxe Crown Molding and Barrel Hinge
We used our standard wide crown molding on this custom gun cabinet.
Rustic Cherry Gun Cabinet top with Knots
The beauty of rustic cherry is showcased with its distinctive "flaws" such as the large knot at the top of the cabinet side
Gun Cabinet Premium Leather Barrel and Butt Rests
The gun cabinet features premium leather barrel rests to protect your fine gun collection.
Laminated Glass with Bevel on the Custom Gun Cabinet
This cabinet featured lamintated glass with beveled frame.