Amish Made Solid Cherry Wall Pistol Cabinet

Gorgeous solid cherry fourteen handgun wall cabinet made to safely display a client's pistol collection.  Handcrafted out of solid hardwood and featuring 14 wall mounted trigger locks, premium leather lined back, LED touch lighting, and laminated glass sliding doors.

Fourteen Pistol Wall Hanging Display Cabinet with LED lights
Finished wall hanging pistol display cabinet after installing lights, leather, and laminated glass bypass doors.
14 Handgun Display Cabinet with LED Touch Lighting
Front shot of our beautiful solid cherry wall hanging pistol display cabinet custom made for fourteen handguns.
Wall Hanging Display Cabinet for Fourteen Pistols
Close up shot to show the fluted colums, deluxe crown molding, dentil work acctens, and leather lined back.
Premium Leather Back on Fourteen Handgun Wall Display Cabinet
Shot with the wall hanging pistol display empty to show the wall mounted trigger lock spacing.
Custom Made Fourteen Pistol Wall Cabinet
Our wall mounted handgun display cabinets can be Amish custom made to fit any number of pistols.
Wall Mounted Trigger Locks for Pistols
Each of the wall mounted handgun trigger locks is bolted into a 3/8 piece of solid hardwood.  Then the whole cabinet is bolted into a wall stud for extra security.
Wall Mounted Pistol Trigger Lock Installation
The front of the trigger lock features two bolts that are screwed threw the leather into the 3/8 solid wood back and bolted from behind.
Wall Pistol Display Cabinet Laminated Glass Front
Top down photo of the laminated glass before it is installed.
Pistol Cabinet Laminated Glass Bypass Doors
Both pieces of the laminated glass were places onto roller wheels to create an easy open system.
Laminated Glass Bypass Door Trrack installation
Screwing teh tracks onto the pistol cabinet for the laminated glass bypass doors.
Fourteen Gun Cherry Wall Mounted Pistol Display
After the laminated glass was installed onto the pistol wall cabinet we install a push button cylinder lock to prevent the doors from sliding.
3/4" Solid Wood top and sides
Picture of the back of the pistol cabinet before we install the 3/8 back with trigger logs.  The sides, top, and bottom are all crafted out of 3/4" solid wood.
Premium Leather Gun Cabinet Back Marked for Drilling
Marking the leather before we drill the holes for the trigger lock bolts to be installed onto the wall gun cabinet.
Laminated Glass Being Test Fitted For Pistol Cabinet
Test fitting the laminated glass bypass doors into the wall mounted pistol display cabinet before assembly.
Trigger lock in Pistol Cabinet
Wall mounted keyed trigger lock bolted through the premium leather through the 3/8" solid wood back.
Pistol Cabinet Trigger Lock Installation
Installing the center lock into the pistol cabinet.  The center lock features a rubber plate to protect the pistols from scratches. 
Loki the Dog with Wall Mounted Handgun Cabinet
Can't have any of our gun cabinets, or in this case pistol cabinet, leave the stoore without Loki's approval.
Loki the furniture dog with wall haning pistol display
Loki, our resident gun cabinet dog, being lazy after inspecting the pistol display cabinet.
Handgun Wall Display with Pistols
Close up shot of the final cabinet with our pistol collection on display.  LED touch lights, bypass laminated glass doors, trigger locks, and leather all installed.
Empty Pistol Display Wall Cabinet
Amish made Cherry wall mounted pistol display emptied and ready to ship to their new home.