Amish Wall Mounted Pistol and Rifle Cabinet

While the client originally called for a wall mounted pistol cabinet to be made, we decided to play around for a while to see what configurations of guns we could fit into it.  What we discovered is that our Amish standard fourteen handgun cabinet can be used to fit a wide combination of long guns and handguns.  This cabinet also looks beautifully when crafted out of oak, cherry, hickory, walnut, and maple and then line the back with a wide choice of premium leathers or felts.

Custom Pistol Cabinet crafted out of solid cherry with leather back
Photo of the finished standard fourteen gun pistol display cabinet with leather, lights, laminated doors, and trigger locks installed.
This pistol display cabinet has solid wood top, bottom, and sides
Picture of the back of the cabinet to show the 3/4" sides, top, and bottom all Amish handcrafted out of solid hard wood.
Solid wood raised panel pistol cabinet sides.
Side view of the pistol wall cabinet showcasing the solid wood raised panel side, crown molding with rope accent, and routed mase molding.
The custom pistol display cabinet has reinforced steel corners
On this particular pistol display cabinet we installed a length of steel that would be drilled to mount the wall cabinet directly to studs in the wall.

The rest of the pictures are some different configurations we played around with and some detail photos of the moldings.  We found that we could place a wide array of rifles, shotguns, and pistols into the display.  If you have a gun collection contact one of our Amish custom furniture specialists and we will help you create the perfect wall mounted gun display.
Custom Pistol Cabinet with AR-15 Amish made custom pistol wall cabinet with pistols and long guns
Fluted column on our cherry pistol cabinet 
Interior of our custom wall haning pistol cabinet Fluted column, rop and dentil accent molding on pistol cabinet
Long guns and pistols in our Amish custom wall hanging gun cabinet Premium leather gun cabinet back