Amish Custom Made Oak 12 Gun Cabinet

Amish Custom Handcrafted Gun Cabinet made from solid red oak hardwood customized to hold up to twelve long guns from single barrel rifles to double barrel side by side shotguns.  Shown in oak but can be Amish custom made from cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, quartersawn white oak, or one of our many rustic hardwoods.  Handcrafted with solid wood construction, laminated glass locking doors, wood clad steel locking bars, and finished with premium leather accents.

Custom Gun Cabinet crafted in oak for 12 guns.
Amish crafted solid oak 12 gun cabinet crafted with drawer base.
This custom gun cabinet featured LED lighting with touch control.
This cabinet was outfitted with LED lights with a touch hinge for easy on and off.
Loki, our store gun cabinet dog.
Our gratuitous photo of Loki, our gun cabinet dog, posing with the finished product.
Custom Long Gun Cabinet with Pull Out Cleaning Shelf
Full length photo of our Oak Gun Cabinet with the cleaning shelf extended.
Long GUn Cabinet with LED lights turned on
The gun cabinet was custom made with our wood clad steel locking bars to prevent removal of the long guns while unattended.
Gun Cabinet with 45 degree angle display
The long guns were displayed with a 45 degree angle which allowed us to still put a full 12 guns on display.
Long Gun and Compound Bow Display
After doing some measuring we realized that we even had enough room in the gun cabinet to display one of our compound bows.
Wide Enough Custom Gun Cabinet Top for a Compound Bow
With a sligh modification we realized that we could custom craft a hybrid display cabinet for all of our hunting equipment.
Wood Clad Steel Bar Pin in Gun Cabinet.
The upper locking bar was placed at a depth that would prevent the gun barrel from being removed from the barrel rest.
Bottom Locking Steel Bar in Custom Gun Cabinet
The Lower locking bar was placed at a depth and height to allow pretty much any style of long gun to be displayed.
Full Extensions Drawer Glides
We crafted the gun cabinet with a full extension pull out shelf with premium leather top.
Wide Pull Out Shelf with leather top for pistol and long gun cleaning
The shelf was wide enough to allow cleaning and modification of both long guns as well as pistols.
5 Drawer Gun Cabinet Base
The lower gun cabinet base was comprised of 5 drawers and 1 pull out cleaning shelf.
Five Full Extension Drawers and One Pull Out Cleaning Shelf
All of the drawers were outfitted with side mount full extension drawer mounts.
Each But Rest is Clad in Premium Leather for maximum gun protection.
The barrel rest and butt rests were custom crafted with premium leather to provide protection for all of the long gun collection.