Amish Custom Crafted Walnut Gun Drawers

Sometimes customers are looking for storage for the long gun and pistol collection without having it on display for everyone to see.  For that reason, we worked with a customer to build a beautiful and secure storage system for all of his rifles, shotguns, and pistols. 

The Walnut Gun Dresser features 5 full extension locking drawers with solid wood construction to hold up to the weight of a large gun collection.   We have custom crafted variations of this gun dresser out of oak, hickory, maple, and 1/4 sawn white oak all with beautiful end results.

Amish Custom Made Walnut Five Drawer Gun Dresser
Angled detail view of the Walnut 5 Drawer Gun Dresser
Custom Gun Storage Dresser with Five Drawers
Front view of the custom gun dresser showcasing the raised drawers, custom hardware, and fluted columns.
Pull Out Cleaning Shelf on the Five Drawer Gun Dresser
The top of our custom gun dresser was crafted with a full extension pullout cleaning drawers with a felt top.
Gun Dresser Full Extension Dovetailed Drawers
Each drawer on our custom gun dresser was crafted with dovetailed corners, solid wood drawer boxes, and full extension drawer glides.
Raided Panel Side on the Custom Gun Dresser
Each of the full extension drawers on this beautiful custom walnut gun dresser could be locked for security.
Felt Lined Gun Cleaning Shelf
Main features of this walnut gun dresser are the solid wood raised panel sides, the decorative column accents, raised front drawers, and felt lined cleaning drawer.