Amish Open Front 26 Gun Display Cabinet

This was a custom gun cabinet we crafted for a client that would be stored in his closet.  The main requirement was a easy place to organize his gun collection and prevent the long guns from being removed.

For this project we crafted a  26 long gun cabinet with staggered display base and dual locking wood clad steel bars.  This gave us a secure and still beautiful way for the client to keep his guns safely.  The gun cabinet was crafted out of solid red oak to match furniture that was already displayed in the room in case the gun cabinet would be put into a more prominent display location.

Custom Gun Rack with Loki the Gun Dog
Finished cabinet with some long guns in place and Loki giving it his seal of approval.
Custom Gun Rack with Locking Steel Bars
Another detail photo with flash to better see the interior since this cabinet was crafted with no LED lighting.
Gun Butt Rest Lined with Premium Rolled Leather
The gun cabinet butt rests were crafted with a staggered cut so that we could fit more guns while using less width.
Leather Lined Single and Double Barrel Rests
The client has a mixture of single barrel and double barrels.  Some of the barrel rests were cut solely for single barrel to allow us to place the steel bar right next to the barrel rest for added security.
Gun Cabinet Staggered Gun Display
The lower wood clad steel bar had to be placed further out to adjust for the staggered base but not so far out that it wouldnt keep the long guns securely in place.
Wood Clad Steel Locking Bar Gun Security
Some guns in place with the wood clad steel bar installed to show the security of the gun cabinet.
Test Fitting for Custom Gun Rack
Test fitting some guns into the barrel and butt rests to measure spacing needed for the locking steel bars. 
Solid Wood Clad Steel Locking Gun Bars
Lower bar in place. Before we place the wood clad steel in place we attach felt or premium leather to the bar to prevent scratching in the gun cabinet.
Solid Wood Gun Cabinet with Locking Security Bars
The sides of the gun cabinet contain wood clad steel that the front bars that are bolts firmly to the 3/4" solid wood sides.
Cylinder Lock for Custom Gun Cabinet Locking Bars
After the bar is firmly in a place a cylinder keyed lock makes sure that the bar cannot be removed with the key.