Amish Made Floor Standing Gun Rack

Sometimes all someone needs is a simple beautiful place to keep their long guns organized and don't need the fancy crown molding, LED touch lighting, or laminated glass doors.  That is where our quick and easy floor standing gun rack comes in.

The floor standing gun rack, while simple, still offers the same old world solid wood craftsmanship of our larger cabinets but in a smaller package.  Solid wood construction, premium leather barrel and butt rests, and plenty of room for your long guns makes this rack at home in the office or the closet.

Amish Custom Handcrafted Twelve Gun Oak Rack
Finished floor gun rack with long guns displayed.
Custom Crafted for Single and Double Barrel Rifles and Shotguns
The barrel rest was cut to fit both single barrel guns as well as double barrel.  This allowed pretty much an rifle or shotgun to be placed into the rack.
Solid Oak Hand Construction on the Gun Rack
The sides, back, bottom, and barrel rest all featured solid oak construction.
Premium Leather Gun Rack Barrel and Gun Butt Rests
All of our floor gun racks, like our standard gun cabinets, can be Amish custom crafted to fit the number of guns you want in your choice of woods, styles, and stains. Choose from oak, hickory maple, walnut, rustic, or 1/4 sawn and have it made in shaker, mission, country, classic, fancy, or any other style you choose.