Amish Custom 30 Gun Corner Display

Amish crafted custom cherry corner gun cabinet made to hold 30 guns vertically or a combination of guns displayed horizontal or vertically.

Amish custom cherry gun cabinet crafted to fit in the corner of a customers gun room.

The gun desk had a butt rest and barrel rest crafted to display the long guns vertically with a slight angle.

The section of the custom gun cabinet was crafted to either display vertical guns or could be outfitted to display rifles, shotguns, or swords horizontally.

Both sides of the gun cabinet hage large solid cherry wood raised panel backs.

The gun cabinet disassembled into smaller parts for shipping.  While it could be disassembled it still had to be shipped through a freight line.

The long run rests were crafted with straight display in the center and angled going outward. The barrel rest could hold both single barrel long guns and double barrel guns.

The Cherry corner gun cabinet set up at the customers home with guns set for vertical and horizontal display.

The custom gun cabinet was also outfited at the customers home with a locking bar across the top to prevent gun removal.