Amish Custom Made 14 Pistol Wall Cabinet

One of our standard styles and one of our most popular wall cabinets is the 14 pistol wall hanging display cabinet.  This cabinet offers the perfect marriage of beauty and security for your handgun collection.

Crafted with solid wood sides and back, outfitted with wall mounted trigger locks, and finished with study laminated bypass doors.  This cabinet can be made with plexiglass, laminated glass, or even bullet resistant polycarbonate for maximum protection. This style of cabinet can also be customized to hold a wide combination of rifles, shotguns, pistols, or knives securely.

Front view of the fourteen gun wall mounted display cabinet with pistols firmly in place with the wall mounted trigger locks.

The wall gun cabinet from an angle showcasing the raised panel sides, fluted columns, deluxe crown molding with dentil molding, and premium leather back.
The trigger locks are bolted through the premium leather into the 3/8" solid wood back.  Then the cabinet is bolted firmly to wall studs to prevent unfriendly elements from removing your handgun collection.

Picture showing the framework of the cabinet with no back or glass installed.  The cabinet showcased old world Amish solid wood craftsmanship throughout.

There are numerous styles to choose from for our wall mounted pistol cabinets.  This client choose the deluxe crown and raised panel sides to match other pieces of custom furniture.

the trigger locks can accomodate a wide range of handguns.  For longer pistols and rifles and shotguns we install barrel rests to keep the gun properly displayed.

Detailed view of the beautiful raised panel solid wood sides.

All of the wires and transformers for the touch LED lighting and nicely tucked away in the upper crown molding.