Amish Custom Made Gun Cabinet with Pistol Display

All of our gun cabinet can be Amish custom made to display your long gun collection however you choose.  One example is our beautiful walnut three gun side display gun cabinet.  For gun collection that may have more etchings or decorative additions that you want to show off the front view sometimes hides the view.  With this cabinet we were able to show off the gun completely.

This cabinet was ordered to fit three rifles but can also be crafted to fit a larger collection if needed. We canalso have your custom gun cabinet crafted out of cherry, maple, walnut, oak, or hickory and then stained in your choice of colors and finished with the premium leather or felt color that suits your current room decor.

Amish Custom Handcrafted Walnut Gun Cabinet with Lower Pistol Display Base

Oh course no gun cabinet can leave the store without getting the approval of Loki, our resident store gun cabinet dog.

This cabinet featured 3 premium leather wrapped butt rests cut to display the gun from the side to show off the collection.

The gun barrel rest was also lined with premium leather in the customer's choice of colors to protect any rifles or shotguns he planned on displaying.

The custom gun cabinet featured wide upper crown molding, flush solid wood sides, laminated display glass, and full extension lower drawer.

We also outfitted the gun cabinet with LED lighting that was installed with a touch hinge to allow easy turn on and turn off without looking for a switch or opening the cabinet.

The lower pistol display base cabinet also had LED lighting and bottom was lined with matching premium leather.