Amish Crafted Cherry 12 Gun Cabinet

Our twelve gun cabinet with drawer base is a timeless classic that has quickly become one of our most popular styles.  For this client we crafted the gun cabinet out of solid cherry hardwood and had the back lined with premium leather to add a bit more flair.

Amish custom made solid cherry twelve gun cabinet with drawer gun cabinet base.

Loki, our resident store gun cabinet dog, makes sure each custom gun cabinet meets his approval before it leaves.

This gun cabinet was crafted with our deluxe wide crown molding with rope accent in the crown with a dentil molding lining the front under the crown.

All pullout drawers and cleaning shelves in out cabinet feature solid wood dovetail construction and full extension drawer glides.

This cabinet was crafted with laminated safety glass with a beveled solid wood door frame allowing complete view of your gun collection.

The pullout cleaning shelf offers a great location for gun cleaning and for any pistol or long gun assembly and disassembly.

We crafted this gun cabinet with a straight on view of all of the customers gun collection and set the barrel rest height to allow all manner of gun such as double barrel shotguns, carbines, rifles, and AR body guns.

Detail view of the front of the gun cabinet showcasing the beveled door frame and laminated safety glass to help prevent breakage.

Each of the butt rests in this custom gun cabinet were lined with rolled premium leather to give it a great look as protect the butt stocks of the customers collection

Each of the butt stock holes was cut to allow a wide arrange of long gun sizes to be displayed.

The lower gun cabinet base was crafted with five fully extension locking drawers for ammunition, pistol, and gun part storage and security.

This cabinet was custom crafted with full extension side mounts and each drawer was Amish made with solid wood dovetail construction.

The pull out cleaning shelf also featured full extension side mount hardware and was wide enough to accomodate both pistols and long guns.

To finish off the cleaning shelf we lined it with premium leather to provide a comfortable and protective work space for pistols and rifles.

The upper cabinet was bolted to the lower cabinet to allow disassembly for transport and easy reassembly when it reached the customers house

Front view of the gun cabinet showing off the crown molding, rope and dentil accents, and fluted upper cabinet columns.

When the customgun cabinet was fully assembled it created a beautiful piece of cabientry that showcases solid wood Amish craftsmanship.

The gun cabinet utilized the complete interior space to maximize the number of guns that could be display without making the gun cabinet too large for the customers space.

To finish off the gun cabinet we lined the back of the cabinet with premium leather to match the barrel rest and butt rests.

The barrel rests are lined with premium leather to protect the barrels of the customer long gun collection.  The rest is also cut to accomodate everything from rifles to double barrel shotguns.