Amish Made Wall Hanging Pistol Display Case

Some of the custom gun cabinet and pistol display cases that we create for customers are made solely to display and keep little fingers safely away from the gun collection.  This cabinet was made so that our client had a nice place that he could display his pistol collection and keep it locked away so his children would not be ble to access them.

For this cabinet we used laminate glass for the front bypass doors and the side displays.  The top and bottom was solid cherry hardwood.  The bypass doors were drilled for a cylinder lock to keep the doors from being opened without the key.  The back was lined with premium leather and the cabinet was finished out with LED touch lighting.

Wall Hanging Pistol Display Cabinet
The pistol display cabinet installed at the customers home with his handgun collection displayed.  We sent pegs and trigger locks and the customer installed the pistols in the area where he wanted them displayed.

The cabinet emptied out before any gun pegs are installed.  The back was lined completely with leather.  The pegs and/or pistol trigger locks would be drilled and bolted.

The cabinet at the store after we installed the LED touch lighting and the laminated bypass doors.