Amish Custom 1/4 Sawn White Oak Gun Cabinet

One of our clients attended an antique show and came across a gun cabinet design that he fell in love with.  Unfortunately the bid went quite abit above his intended bueget and he wasn't able to bring it home with him.  Luckily he had his phone with him and he snapped photos from every angle and sent them over to us.  From those photos were able to recreate the gun cabinet in the dimensions he required and crafted this beautiful gun cabinet out of solid tiger striped quarter sawn white oak.

The pictures showed many details that we have not done before but working hand in hand with some of our Amish woodworkers we were able to create a custom gun cabinet that will be a showpiece in our photo album for years to come.

Full frontal view of the custom gun cabinet we had crafted out of solid tiger striped quarter sawn white oak using photos the client took at an auction.

Side view of the gun cabinet showcasing the laminated glass sides and front along with the beautiful grain of teh tiger striped wood on the large gun cabinet.

The cabinet was finished with some LED touch lights so that once that cabinet was locked up the client wouldn't have to open the cabinet to access the switch to turn lights on or off.

We used LED light strips along the top interior of the gun cabinet to provide a wam glow without adding
Looking through the side laminated glass display windows of the custom gun cabinet using some guns to test fit the upper barrel rest.  We were still finishing up the leather on the butt rests on the base of the cabinet.

The base cabinet also featured the same solid wood full column along with a shaker mission claw decorative foot on the base of the column.

Upper cabinet after we installed the premium leather base.  This gun cabinet was crafted with one gun viewed straight on and the other guns at 45 degree angles on each side of center.

The antique gun cabinet that the client wanted at the auction was adorned with numerous decorative carving the our Amish craftsmen were able to achieve.

The wood accents included rose florets on the front and sides and accent front panel along the top of the gun cabinet.

Bother the sliding gun cabinet doors and the bottom gun cabinet base drawers were all keyed alike with cylinder locks.

The uppder gun cabinet and the lower gun cabinet featured full length solid wood columns crafted out of solid quarter sawn white oak.

After the custom gun cabinet was fully assembled it could display up to 25 single barrel or double barrel long guns.

The butt rests on the antique gun cabinet reporduction were custom cut with the center gun straight on and each side displayed at a 45 degree angle.

The upper drawers on the gun cabinet base were crafted with angle display boards and each drawer was crafted to be long enough to display a full length long gun.

The drawers featured solid wood dove tail construction and full extension side mount drawer glides.  They were then lined with premium leather to protect the guns being displayed.

The bottom drawer on the gun cabinet base was a full length drawer that was also full extension and leather lined for gun and pistol case displays.

The barrel rests and the butt rests on the gun cabinet were all finished with premium leather to protect the barrel and wood butts from scratches.