Amish Made Oak Ten Gun Mission Gun Cabinet

Sometime a customer finds wall space to be at a premium but still wants a Amish custom crafted gun cabinet to display their collection.  Enter the low base shaker mission gun cabinet which incorporates all of the security features and great looks as our other gun cabinets but in a smaller package.

This gun cabinet was crafted with laminated safety glass, LED touch lighting, full extension base drawer, wood clad steel locking bars, and premium leather accents.  It was crafted out of solid red oak and made to display ten rifles or shotguns straight on.

Detailed view of our Amish Made Oak Mission Gun cabinet custom crafted to display ten long guns.

Loki, our resident store gun cabinet approval dog, posing with the finished product before it goes to its new home.

The oak mission gun cabinet features clean simple straight shaker mission lines while providing top notch security to any size gun collection.

Photo of the wood clad steel bars showcasing the cylinder tocks that keep the bars firmly attach to the solid wood and steel side bars.

We custom crafted this gun cabinet to display the guns straight on which allowed us to use the full interior width for display while keeping the overall cabinet width down to accomodate wall space.

The base of the gun cabinet holds a full extension drawer handcrafted with solid wood and dovetailed construction.

The wood clad steel locking bars were placed against the upper barrel rest and aboe the trigger guards to prevent gun from being removed without the key.

The back of each steel locking bar was felt lined to prevent any unwanted scratches.  The barrel rest was cut to display single barrel rifles and double barrel shotguns.

Both the but rests and the barrel rests were finished with premium leather to complete the display as well as protect the customers long gun collection.

Extra brace that was installed to allow the gun cabinet to be firmly bolted to wall studs to provide extra security.

The gun cabinet was crafted with shaker mission crown molding to keep the clean simple lines from top to bottom.