Amish Made Oak Low Base Fifteen Gun Cabinet

Occasionally a client has height restrictions in the room they want to display thier guns.  It could be sloped ceilings, wall vents, or a window that prevents them from getting a tall gun cabinet. This custom gun cabinet solves that problem by eliminating the storage base while still including a couple drawers for ammo and gun cleaning supplies.

For this cabinet we used solid red oak with a honey stain.  We managed to have this piece Amish custom crafted with all of the bells and whistles we put on our large wall gun cabinets and stay below a certain height.  We have our wide crown molding with rope and dentil accents, full length column accents,  premium leather,  wall mounted pistol display, locking doors and drawers, and laminated glass bypass doors.

Front view of our Amish custom made low base gun cabinet crafted out of solid red oak for fifteen long guns and fve pistols.

This cabinet was crafted with full length fluted column accents on each side of the display cabinet doors. 

The side was crafted with a full length piece of laminated glass to allow gun viewing from the sides.

All of the glass thoughout this custom gun cabinet was laminated to provide extra strength without taking away any display.

Both of the drawer on the gun cabinet's low base were keyed with cylinder locks.

All of the gun cabinet drawers featured dovetail solid wood construction and full extension side mount slides.

The butt rests were all finished with premium leather to protect the gun collection wood butts.

The center five guns were display straight on while the side guns were displayed at a 45 degree angle.

The barrel rests were all cut for single barrel or over under barrel long guns and then finished with premium leather.

The center gun barrel rests were cut for both single barrel or double barrel and lower to accomodate AR style guns and carbine height guns.

The solid wood framed laminated glass bypass doors featured a push buttom cylinder lock.

The gun cabinet upper crown molding was adorned with rope and dentil accents.

Since we lowered the center barrel rest we could fit in a leather lined board with wall mounted trigger locks to add five handguns into the display.

The custom gun cabinet bypass doors allowed easy access for the client to adjust the gun display and access his pistol collection.