Amish Made Twelve Pistol Wall Display

The Wood Loft specializes in making a wide assortment of Amish custom wall mounted pistol displays in the wood and dimensions our client's request.  this client had a larger collection but a spot that was not quite wide enough for our standard 14 pistol wall cabinet.  So we designed a cabinet that would allow two stacks of six handguns to be displayed vertically.  By expanding the height instead of width we were able to fit a dozen pistols into the space that we usually used for a six handgun display.

We had the pistol cabinet handcrafted out of solid red oak and finished it with hide of premium tan leather and then installed LED lights with a touch pad that could be placed where the client found it most convenient.  With the 3/4" frame, 3/8" solid wood back, laminated glass display front, and individual keyed trigger lock bolted to the back, we created a beautiful and secure display cabinet.

Our popular wall hanging pistol cabinet crafted out of solid red oak with a fruitwood finish.  Custom made to display 12 handguns.

We crafted this cabinet with thick 3/4" sides and top and a sturdy 3/8" back to allow the customer to bolt the cabinet directly to the studs in his wall for extra security.

The front of the cabinet was outfitted with bypass laminated glass and each of the handguns was held into place with a keyed trigger lock bolted directly to the 3/8" back board.