Amish Made 12 Gun Cherry Corner Gun Cabinet

Many offices, man caves, living rooms, and dens have that one spot in the corner that has been empty for years and just yearns for a beautiful piece of cabinetry.  This custom gun cabinet was created for that corner.  The cherry corner gun cabinet was Amish custom made for a custer to display his long gun and knife and pistol collection.

The gun cabinet was crafted to display twelve long guns with a barrel rest that was cut to display with single barrel rifles or double barrel shotguns.  The pistol display base consisted of a open area with premium leather lining that would accomdate any combination of pistols or knives the customer wanted to display.  Both the top and bottom when then outfitted with LED lighting with touch hinge on/off.

Front view of our beautifully custom crafted solid cherry 12 gun corner cabinet.

Loki, our gun cabinet consultant, giving his approval on the corner gun cabinet before it goes him.

We crafted the corner gun cabinet with glass sides to expand the display area and allow more lighting.

The gun cabinet was crafted in two pieces for easy transportation.  The halved were then bolted together and the complete cabinet could be bolted directly to studs in the wall for even more security.

The pistol display base cabinet was crafted with decorative fluted columns and locking raised panel storage cabinet doors.

The glass used in the gun cabinet was laminated glass which provided extra strength and security.

The gun cabinet was crafted with large upper molding with rope accents and fluted columns along the front corners.

The barrel rests and butt rested where lined with premium genuine leather to not only accent the display but to provide prtection from scrapes and scuffs to the customers gun collection.

The top of the upper cabinet, base cabinet, and the base molding all featured routed finishing accents.

The pistol display base cabinet featured a locking flip open front and we lined the bottom of the display with premium leather.