Amish Made Tommy Gun and Sword Displays

All of our custom gun cabinet and display cabinets can be altered to display pretty much any type and size collection.  Occasionally we have a client that has just a few pieces he wants to display and keep hands off of.  This clent had a Tommy Gun and a sword and medal collection he wanted to display.

On these cabinets we wanted a full front display with no moving parts.  We crafted this set to be completely affixed to the back board with the display racks and then the case would affix over the top and was screw in from the back.  While this took away from easy access, not all clients want their pieces easily accessible. We used the standard 3/4" sides, top, and bottom and a 3/8" thick pieces of laminated glass on the front.  This gave us a study, protective (and heavy) display cabinet.

The finished gun display cabinet sitting at the customers home with his tommy gun proudly displayed.

The customers swords and medals fixed into his new display cabinet

The cabinet sitting in our store before it heads to its new home