Amish Custom 17 Gun Cabinet with Side Display

This custom gun cabinet was crafted to display gun at a side angle to fully appreciate the craftsmanship of the customers gun collection.  When displaying long guns with a side view we end up losing quite a bit of the width.  To alleviate this problem we made the overall gun cabinet a bit deeper and created a barrel rest and but board that displayed guns three deep with staggered placement. This allowed us to fit a total of 17 guns in the same space and still properly display the complete gun.

A standard gun cabinet would also be too tall for the area where the customer was placing the cabinet so we crafted the gun cabinet with a single drawer low base with a angled front pistol display. 

After the gun cabinet was completed with finished it up with leather and LED touch lighting.  The leather provided protection for the long gun barrels, gun butt protection, and soft display surface for the pistol display area. The LED lighting provided a nice warm glow without adding the heat of standard incandescents or even CFL bulbs.  The touch on/off was add to prevent the need to constantly open and close the cabinet or the need to reach behind the cabinet to find a power switch.

Finished product in its new home with the customers gun collection on display.

Detail shot of the custom gun cabinet with front doors open.

The gun cabinet in our store after we just completed installing the LED touch lights and placed our gun collection into it for photos.

Other side of the gun cabinet showing the smooth flat solid cherry hardwood sides.

For this gun cabinet we installed LED touch lighting with a warm glow.  We offer many temperatures of light from what 4000k lights to the warm yellow glow of a 2500k glow.

We designed the cabinet to have locking dual doors upper cabinet but wanted a clean open look so the locks were places at the top and bottom of the drawer to allow us to design the cabinet without the center support.

The LED lights provided a nice warm presentation of the guns allowing the beauty of the wood stocks to be the star of the show.

The base of the gun cabinet was custom handcrafted with a full extension drawer with dovetailed construction and full extension drawer glides.

Since the customer wanted to display his guns from the side we had to customize the cabinet in order to still fit the maximum amount of guns into the same width as a standard gun cabinet.

Detailed photo of the staggers barrel rests which allowed us to put a large assortment of gun cabinets into the cabinet while keeping a side display of the guns.

The cabinet was crafted with molding along the separation point to complete the seamless appearance of the completed project.

The upper cabinet was crafted with our standard molding which features clean elegant lines.

Each of the butt rests along the bottom of the cabinet were finished with premium leather to both protect the gun butts but add a touch of elegance to the interior.

The angled pistol display area was lined with premium leather and was left open in order to allow a wide display of handguns, pistols, long guns, and knives in the combination of the client's choice. 

Since we were going for a side view for all of the long guns we flipped the display angle on each side. Since the frame of teh front doors would obscure the middle we crafted it so we could show off the maximum number of guns in the glass of each door. 
The barrel rests, like the butt rests, were lined with premium leather to protect the barrels of the long guns. Each was notched to display both single barrel rifles and double barrel shotguns.

The left side of the cabinet was crafted to display nine guns from the side.
To accomodate the center of the gun cabinet having the guns at different display direction this side was crafted to display 8 guns from the side.

The angled pistol display on the gun cabinet was crafted with solid cherry frame around laminated glass providing a clear protection display area.

All of the drawers on our gun cabinets as well as our other furniture feature solid wood dovetailed construction.  We offer a large assortment of glides including full extension soft close hardware. 
Close up shot of the premium leather that we installed along the barrel rests of the gun cabinet.  The customer chose the color that best complimented the stain color of the wood.

The barrel rests were placed at a height that allowed a wide selection of gun to be display from long barrel hunting shotguns down to standard 16" barrel AR-15's with the stock retracted. 

Both the lower pistol display and the full extension gun cabinet drawer featured top mount fronts with routed edges. 

All of the doors and drawer were crafted with cylinder locks which were keyed alike.