Amish Crafted Long Gun Display Cabinet

While many of our customers have large collections that they are interested in taking out of the gun safe and putting into a display gun cabinet, sometimes there is that one gun the client wants to display alone in a place of honor.  This client had a rifle that he wanted to hang in the family room and admire more often.

For this gun cabinet we repurposed a pustil display cabinet design and crafted it with a lower height.  While it was definitely large to display a assortment of handguns, we crafted it to be a single rifle display.  The back was lined with Premium leather over the 3/8" back and then finished with LED touch lighting.

The gun cabinet at the customers home displayed above his tv stand.

The custom wall hanging gun cabinet at our store after we installed the LED touch lighting.  We put in our .308 for test fitting a heavier longer long gun.

Did a photo of the gun cabinet with our Henry 22 as a lighter weight rifle to make sure that the rifles hangs level.